Peter Myers

Artistic Autistic was created to promote the artwork of Peter Myers, an artist with Asperger’s Syndrome who is based in York. Although Peter sometimes creates exceptional line drawings of real places such as York Minster, London and Scarborough, Peter describes the majority of his art as abstract and introverted as he lets his imagination inspire his creativity; he describes this as ‘drawing blind’. Peter says, “Some artists may see it then draw it, I draw it then see it.” Peter refers to his mind and imagination as constantly changing, shifting and flitting from one idea to another; like grains of sand sifting through his fingers, but he is able to capture the workings of his mind in extraordinary pieces of art (drawing, painting, collage and sculpture).

His art allows the world to experience a snapshot of his mind and to appreciate his tremendous attention to detail. For Peter, the most important aspect of his art is the process, the journey he takes from the moment he sets his pen to paper. Art is fundamental to Peter's life, as expressed in his own words, “My interest in art helped bring myself out of myself, and I consider it integral to my existence. It is a very personal, direct connection, self with self, and here I feel whole, at peace with my own being, happy”. This dedication and passion for his work is displayed vividly in the intricacy of every piece of art he produces and by the amount of time he devotes to creating art. Peter reflects, “Some may have a need for speed. I have a need for creative outlet. It is intrinsic to my well-being. I am by nature not dynamic, but I am ordered, methodical, precise and very persistent”. This is demonstrated in our logo which is one continuous hand-drawn line.


Peter Myers Artistic Autistic York

Here Peter is working on a string sculpture where he creates an intricate pattern around an object using just string.




National Autistic Society

About Autism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects approximately 1 in 100 people in the UK. Individuals with autism tend to find social communication, social imagination and social interaction difficult, can show repetitive behaviours, have different sensory experiences and be dedicated to specific interests. Autism is a spectrum disorder so the term ‘autistic’ is used to describe a range of people from highly intelligent, mostly independent individuals (also sometimes referred to as individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism) to those with severe learning disabilities who need a lifetime of specialist care. Many high functioning individuals with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome show phenomenal abilities in their area or areas of specialist interest as a result of their repetitive behaviour, dedication to their pursuit and extraordinary attention to detail. This is illustrated by the recurring patterns and intricacy of Peter’s artwork; “I love patterns!” summarises Peter.

If you would like more information about autism please see the National Autistic Society website.

About Artistic Autistic

Artistic Autistic was set up by Dr Katie Slocombe and a team of volunteer Psychology undergraduates from the University of York, and it continues to be run by a team of volunteer students. We sell products displaying artwork created by Peter Myers, an artist with Asperger’s Syndrome, living in York. All profits from Artistic Autistic go directly to Peter. Peter’s art is characterised by the incredible attention to detail which reflects what it may be like to view the world from an Autistic person’s perspective. Our aim is to spotlight Peter’s talent and raise awareness of Autism. The enthusiasm and spirit that drives the people involved in this project is captured in our statement below:



Artistic Autistic York

Katie Slocombe and the team of volunteer students
that run Artistic Autistic.

  Artistic Autistic York

One of our #celebrateyourdifferences posters we use in
our marketing campaign.


People are different, that is the beauty of being human. However, sometimes these differences can be perceived as a negative; something to be ashamed of. #celebrateyourdifferences is about celebrating those who are empowered by what makes them different. We should not see our differences as barriers, but as tools to be extraordinary. Everyone is a #uniquemind and that is something to shout about.