What Have We Been Doing?




Stalls are a fantastic opportunity to share Peter's story
with customers whilst giving them a first hand buying
experience. Our regular stalls are held at various
locations on the University of York campus and around
York. Additionally, we have had stalls in collaboration
with the National Autism Society (NAS) at their annual

Artistic Autistic Stalls
Stall at the Christmas market at
the University of York 2015.
 Artistic Autistic #celebrateyourdifferences
A student at the University of York writing down what makes them different.




We launched our first campaign in the Exhibition Centre at
the University of York. This involved sharing our mantra of
#celebrateyourdifferences through posters, discussions
and an active platform on which students wrote down
differences they celebrate. The launch was very well
received and we are still promoting this campaign.


School Workshops

Held at Westfield Primary School, in association
with the Tour De France, our first school workshop
was a tremendous success. Children were given a
brief presentation that explained autism and
introduced them to various talented autistic artists.
Finally they were presented with Peter’s story and
encouraged to create their own inspired piece of
artwork. Peter judged their creations, which were
truly fantastic, and selected the winning pieces from
three age categories.


School Workshops
Alisha Egan and Phoebe Konadu with their winning
artwork at the exhibition at Acomb Explore Library.
 Uni Popshop
Our display at the Uni Popshop.


Uni Popshop

On 15th – 17th of June 2015 we participated in the
Uni Popshop national social enterprise competition.
We showcased both Peter’s talent and our fantastic
brand in a competitive trading environment and our
enterprise was assessed on profit, social impact and
digital marketing campaign. We won 3 out of a
possible 4 awards which were: Best Visual
Merchandising, Best social Impact and Best Digital
Marketing Campaign.



On 29th June – 5th July 2015, Peter’s artwork was on
display at the Love Visual Arts Exhibition held by
Magnetic Arts, a non-profit social enterprise which works
within the York community to produce innovative art
projects. His artwork featured in York St John University
and was part of a trail around the city centre.
On 26th November 2015, Peter’s artwork was displayed at
a local exhibition in Dusk in the city centre. The event was
hosted by the University of York’s ArtSoc and featured
work relating to the theme ‘Looking Through’.
On Friday 22nd April 2016 at The Norman Rea Gallery,
Peter’s artwork was on display in a student led exhibition
about the links between creativity and mental illness.


Hannah, Peter Myers, Nicole and Sam at the
Exhibition at the Norman Rea Gallery 2016.



York Speakability is a support and social group for
individuals who have Aphasia, and their carers.


York Speakability

On the 11th February 2016, Peter and 3 volunteers from
Artistic Autistic attended a York Speakability session and
held a workshop with them. They displayed Peter’s art-
work and discussed how his experiences with Autism are
shown in his artwork. Then people at the workshop cre-
ated their own artwork inspired by Peter, which enabled
them to express their own experiences of Aphasia in a
creative way.


Artistic Autistic Adult
Colouring Book

Peter’s incredibly detailed artwork has been made into
an adult colouring book. Providing an unique insight
into the world of autism through the mind of Peter
Myers, an artist with Asperger’s Syndrome,
this book includes an introduction by the artist followed
by a collection of pen and ink illustrations ready to be
personalised, and brought to life.
This is available to order on our website!

 Artistic Autistic Adult Colouring Book
Beautiful front cover of the colouring book.


School Autism Workshops


School Workshops 2016

On the 6th of June 2016, we visited Westfield
Primary Community School and ran a series
of workshops. These workshops educated
students about autism in a positive way and
aimed to improve self-esteem by focusing on
celebrating their uniqueness. They were
interactive art-based workshops, where students
ultimately created artwork inspired by Peter’s
art, their personal strengths, and what
they have learnt about autism.